About Me

About me

Hi, I am Vikash Singh, currently working as an IT Consultant In Agadhanimus Technology Pvt. Ltd.
I am a growth marketer by profession and an enterpreneur by heart.

I have been doing marketing since my teenage (when I was 19 years old). Back then, I applied some spectacular marketing techniques to sell some stuff in the offline market at 30% of its cost price. But after some time I failed to sell all that stuff.

However, I fell in love with marketing much later than 6 months ago. I again started a new company with a new innovative business idea which also failed due to the covid-19 situation in India, all offline businesses’ graph went down in sales.

However, failures couldn’t stop me from experimenting and trying new things.

I started Learning Digital Marketing and WordPress Designing. After doing a lot of experiments in WordPress development. I came to know that there are some things left to cover in the UI part. So, I gave some more time in UI designing and after creating some designs in that, now I am coming up with some new UI design ideas for the website and other things as well. Today I am designing the UI part as well as website/landing pages for my client. In less than 3 years, we served over 100 clients from India, US, Brazil, Australia, etc.

Besides, I have been taking up the role of a Marketing Consultant as well with 30 new clients, helping them to find new customers & grow exponentially through growth hacking at half the budget of digital marketing.

I know you may have seen a few fellow Digital marketers or Social Media Marketers who have just promised you to manage your digital marketing and all but I’m pretty sure that they don’t know which client’s business needs what kind of digital services as they are offering random services. Even if they tell you about giving you guaranteed results and all, things will go haywire.

Now a quick question: What will you choose?
Patience and listening are my biggest strengths which I will apply to all your problems related to business. So that I can suggest you the best digital services according to your business needs at a time.
I would first prepare a roadmap and guide you to solve that problem and grow your business online.
I will give support and help you with client acquisition in the marketplace and provide you with proven and tested results.

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